Wednesday, March 17, 2010

海綿砂糖蛋糕卷 Sugar Roll

Hi, I'm going to copy and paste this recipe and the video. To make a sucessful sponge cake, you need to make sure all the ingredients is at the room temperature.


1.將材料A放入攪拌缸中,用攪拌器快速打到變白,再轉中速攪拌到呈現浪花狀,且勾起 麵糊時會垂2 ~3公分備用。
3.用軟刮板先刮作法2的攪拌缸底確定底部已沒麵粉,取1/3作法3的麵糊倒入拌勻的 材料C中攪拌均勻,再倒回麵糊中由下往上拌勻呈麵糊攪拌均勻。
5.將作法4放入已預熱的烤箱中,以上下火190/150℃烤約15分,放涼5分鐘以 上備用。

Making a sponge cake for the swiss roll.

The ingredients are as follows:

450g eggs
385g of sugar
260g of cake flour
50ml of milk
50ml of sunflower oil
A teaspoon of vanilla extract
Some swiss meringue butter cream for filling

You will need to use an electric mixer. Put the eggs in a clean mixing bowl, start at high speed. Add in the sugar and beat until the volume of the mixture increases, then change the beating speed to medium and continue to beat until it is stabilised. Then change to low speed and fold in the flour. You can use a spatula or a hand whisk to fold in the flour. Pour part of this flour mixture into the milk, oil and vanilla mixture and mix well. The oil mixture will become lighter therefore it will be easier to mix with flour mixture later. This way the cake batter will deflate less (to retain the air bubbles within) when both combined. Try not to over mix otherwise the cake will become hard.:( Bake the cake at a preheated oven temperature of 190 degree C for 15 mins.

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