Wednesday, March 17, 2010

香草海綿蛋糕 Sponge Cake

Hi, I'm really lazy to make my own video, so I copy and paste again. I should tell you this video is very good. I have learned a lot from it. The same reminder again, make sure all the ingredients are at the room temperature.

材料:低筋麵粉140公克、雞蛋4顆 、牛奶30公克、砂糖206公克 、香草粉1小匙、鹽4公克、沙拉油30公克。

把蛋、糖、鹽一起加入調理盆中,馬上用攪拌機打散,不馬上打會讓糖包住蛋會讓蛋打不起 來,開始時攪拌機可以用快速打散,之後體積會膨脹5倍以上,打出來後的型態很像濕性發 泡的蛋糊。
把牛奶、沙拉油一起混和,取一些麵糊與牛奶、沙拉油一起攪拌,再倒回調理盆中用刮板攪 拌均勻這樣就好了。
烤完後等蛋糕變涼後在活動烤模的蛋糕周圍上壓一下,這樣就能脫模裝盤,這樣就完成香草 海綿蛋糕。

Making a sponge cake.

The ingredients are as follows:

4 eggs
sugar (206g)
cake flour (140g)
30ml of milk
30ml of sunflower oil
A teaspoon of vanilla extract
4g salt

You will need to use an electric mixer. Put the eggs in a clean mixing bowl, start at high speed. Add in the sugar and beat until the volume of the mixture increases, then change the beating speed to medium and continue to beat until it is stabilised. Then change to low speed and fold in the flour. You can use a spatula or a hand whisk to fold in the flour. Pour part of this flour mixture into the milk, oil and vanilla mixture and mix well. The oil mixture will become lighter therefore it will be easier to mix with flour mixture later. This way the cake batter will deflate less (to retain the air bubbles within) when both combined. Try not to over mix otherwise the cake will become hard.:( Bake the cake at a preheated oven temperature of 180° C for 35 mins.


  1. hi any englush translation for this ? tks

    1. Please check the updated post for english translation.