Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kuih Rose

Last saturday, after making kueh koya, there was about 150ml of coconut milk leftover. So I used it to make my Kuih Rose. In making of this kuih, mixing of the batter is very simple but it is hard to deep fry them. If the cooking oil is too hot, the kuih will stick to the mould and it will also get burnt easily. If you are using low heat, the kuih will absorb too much oil. The oil temperature is the main problem when you are frying the kuih rose.:)

Kuih Rose recipe


2 eggs
85g of sugar
100ml of thick coconut:). I have too much leftover so I used 150ml instead
1/2 tsp of salt
150ml of water.:) I used 100ml of water.
50g of plain flour
150g of rice flour


Beat eggs with sugar till the sugar dissolves then add coconut milk, salt and water and mix well.

Combine with plain flour and rice flour. Mix well into batter.

Heat sufficient oil for deep frying. Dip mould into the hot oil and heat till mould is hot. Remove from the oil, rest mould on kitchen paper to remove excess oil and coat mould with batter. Return mould to the oil and deep fry over medium heat till the kuih rose changes colour, then remove from the mould and continue to fry till golden brown.
Remove and drain on kitchen paper. When cooled, store the kuih rose in an airtight container.

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